Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A is for Adventure

For years many people have told me that I should write about my travels, some have even suggested I write a book, so this is a beginning. With thanks to Paula, who was a patient teacher I have built this blog. It is all new and will evolve as I learn how to add things to the blog to enhance my blog posts so I hope you will be patient and enjoy this new journey with me.

My goal in building this blog is to share with you some stories about all the wonderful people I meet along with some of the adventures I have had. I plan to include some photos, words of wisdon, recommendations and tips on how to travel on a budget. I hope my blog will give you just enough information to plan your own Adventure should you want to visit some where I have written about. For those of you who prefer "Arm-chair travels" my aims is for you to be able to follow what I have: written, read about in books or viewed on videos.

I would be pleased to hear from you. Please share with me what you enjoyed, any suggestions or questions you might have and even corrections to my grammar! (Thanks Roger for your tips.)

One aim I hope to achieve is to inspire all of you, especially young girls and women, to have your own adventures. 

Thank-you for reading about my adventures!


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